9 March 2007

Thanks, Orac!

Vielen Dank an Orac (Respectful Insolence), der mir gerade den Freitag abend erhellt hat. Sein Post über den Healing Broom: absolut lesenswert. Hier ist das gute Stück gezeigt, zusammen mit dem Tooth-shaped Rolling Magnetic Acupressure Stick

und drei Appetizer aus Oracs Post:

I'm sure you're wondering two things. First, what is that smaller metal thing next to the Healing Broom? Why, that's the Tooth-shaped Rolling Magnetic Acupressure Stick. Isn't it obvious? If you're going to flagellate yourself with the wondrously powerful Healing Broom, you're going to want to do acupressure afterwards, and mabe even reflexology--better yet, acupressure and reflexology with magnets. The second thing you're probably wondering is: Why are the fibers of the "business" end of the broom made of thick metal wire? That certainly looks like it would hurt to use it [...]

In any case, that's just what I want to do: Slap my entire body every day with a metal broom. It sure sounds energizing, if pain energizes you. I wonder if it would be too much for me to point out here that people are not trees, and "cutting a few places on the tree trunk and branches" won't make us become big and beautiful, unless it's done by a truly talented plastic surgeon.

Come on, you can use the Healing Broom to perform "bone marrow washing" to cleanse and produce blood cells more efficiently! Just ask the acupuncturist. I have to admit that I'm having trouble visualizing how hitting yourself with a metal broom will "wash" your bone marrow out, but maybe that's just me. Or maybe it causes you to bleed enough that the bone marrow has to into high gear to replace the lost red blood cells. Of course, we're informed that, you want to think of it in terms of Western science, by whacking yourself across the back, butt, arms, legs, chest, and head, you will bring the cells to an "excited state." And who wouldn't want that?
Bei einem deutschen Anbieter habe ich noch diese viel günstigere Variante entdeckt (nur 25 Euro)!



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