16 March 2007

Jonathan Wells is a douchebag.

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Dem ist eigentlich nichts weiter hinzuzufügen. Der Post dazu ist auch zu empfehlen. Als Appetizer:
Those who perpetuate the Intelligent Design movement like to portray themselves as persecuted minorities, held down and oppressed by a monolithic pseudo-religion called Darwinism, which is for them little more than a blind faith in materialism. [...] William Dembski, one of the leaders of the new movement, has been compared to Isaac Newton by his lackluster peers. (Honestly, though–if he is the “Newton of information theory”, then I’m the fuckin’ Da Vinci of webcomics.) [...]

One prominent member of the movement is Jonathan Wells, best known as the author of the rather ridiculous book Icons of Evolution. In the book, no case is made for Intelligent Design. This is obviously the case, seeing as how no case can be made for a baseless conjecture that cannot possibly be falsified. [...]

Wells does not attempt to refute these facts, because frankly it would be nearly impossible for one man to single-handedly take down such a mountain of evidence in favor of evolution. Imagine trying to chip away at Mount Everest with a toothpick; chipping away at evolution with a conjecture as unflattering and silly as Intelligent Design would be much more difficult, and one would have better luck with the toothpick at Everest, which is at least imaginable. With that said, and with Wells’ arguments totally destroyed and laid bare like shameful, shit-stained undergarments, I must report with disgust that some people actually take this lad seriously.


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