21 July 2007


Schnell noch ein Link zu einem Artikel im Telegraph ('The new theories of evolution') über die Überlegenheit evolutionärer Mechanismen gegenüber Design in vielen Bereichen (und über Ameisen), dann bin ich weg für dies Wochenende. Tut nichts, was ich nicht auch tun würde.

Als Appetithäppchen:

Evolution works, in the factory as much as the field; and military tactics, automatic music transcription and marine architecture - just some of the topics discussed - prove that Darwin's notion of unintelligent design can sometimes beat the most expert engineer.

The theoreticians use evolutionary robotics, genetic algorithms and their relatives to mimic the notion of descent with modification.

The equivalents of mutation, sex and natural selection crack challenges too complex for the fine scalpel of pure mathematics.

A set of rough and ready solutions compete within the machine, are randomly changed and reshuffled until, after many generations of breeding from the winners, a vastly improved version emerges.


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