16 April 2007

Was ich schon immer über 'Rodent Arousal' wissen wollte, aber nie zu fragen gewagt habe.

Heh. Manchmal ist das Lesen von Wissenschaftsseiten auch witzig. In einem Artikel über Viagra für Frauen ('The Search for the Female Equivalent of Viagra', NYTimes; frei nach Registrierung) fand ich folgendes:
More recently, another potentially promising treatment for hypoactive desire has been making its way through clinical trials. The compound, called bremelanotide, is a synthetic version of a hormone involved in skin pigmentation, and it was initially developed by Palatin Technologies of New Jersey as a potential tanning agent to help prevent skin cancer. But when male college students participating in early safety tests began reporting that the drug sometimes gave them erections, the company began exploring bremelanotide’s utility as a treatment for sexual disorders.

Studies in rodents demonstrated that the drug not only gave male rats spontaneous erections, but also fomented sexual excitement in female rats, prompting them to wiggle their ears, hop excitedly, rub noses with males and otherwise display unmistakable hallmarks of rodent arousal.
Ich habe dabei Bilder von aufgeregt herumhüpfenden Frauen vor Augen, mit diskret zuckenden Ohren, ich kann's nicht verhindern. Möglicherweise sind auch noch alle gut gebräunt...


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