9 April 2007

Feelin' Irish today.

Ireland is great! Just spent a marvellous weekend in Doolin, with beautiful spring weather, warm enough to sit outside in the sun (yeah, SUN!). Played golf on a pitch & put course, or at least tried to (I sucked), watched people surfing, listened to Irish music, talked to American, English, Canadian, French and of course Irish people and really enjoyed myself. Had a couple of pints, too.

I recommend the Aille River Hostel, a great place to stay, and McGann's Pub for delicious bar food, Irish music and 'socialising'.



3 Kommentare:

Mike said...

Similar weather here in London (I had a picnic, yey!), and I can only hope it persists until I'm finished with my exams. Accordingly and obeying Murphy's law, the 21st of May would be the day for a permanent weather change ;-)

I've only been to Dublin so far in November 2005. Crystal clear sky, but -10 degrees C, brrr. I assume you stay somewhere outside, correct?

JLT said...

Outside of Dublin? Yep. I'm working at the NUI Galway. Nice little city with loads of students, tourists and pubs. Only 3 min to the beach from my apartment.
Therefore, I wouldn't mind if the weather stayed like this 'til the end of May. But this is my second year here and I know that's not going to happen...
Anyway, good luck with your exams!

JLT said...

Oh, and you should definitely come to Ireland again. Dublin is not too bad but it's just another city. The REAL Irish experience includes getting drunk with the locals in a pub in the middle of nowhere. ;-)