20 June 2007

Schnell noch was Lustiges.

Da habe ich doch gerade noch etwas entdeckt...

Auf Uncommon Descent regt sich Herr Dembski ein bisschen darüber auf, dass "Judge Jones", der Richter im Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District Gerichtsverfahren, eine weitere Ehrendoktorwürde verliehen bekommen hat.
Alles in allem wäre das nicht bemerkenswert, wenn, ja wenn er nicht dieses sprachliche Juwel äußerte:
Don’t expect people with a finger in the wind to help ID. ID is the intellectual elite’s equivalent of leprosy.

Dazu kommentiert Laelaps:
Perhaps because ID is intellectual leprosy; the longer you leave it untreated, the more damage it does to your eyes, nerves, and other parts of your body. I hardly think Dembski is admitting that he’s been infected with a virulent meme. Interestingly enough, actual leprosy does not cause parts of the body to fall off or for sores to develop; a lack of sensitivity in the limbs causes people not to feel when they’re being hurt and hence they are often covered with lesions and sores. What a fitting disease to equate ID with, especially since advocates don’t seem to realize that they’re receiving an intellectual pummeling from evolutionary scientists.

Heh. Das konnte ich trotz vorgerückter Stunde nicht für mich behalten. Excellent.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link! I usually try to ignore the whining and nonsense that goes on over at UD, but the Dembski quote was just too good to pass up.