19 January 2007

Warmduscher kaufen Jeeps

Haben wir es nicht schon immer gewusst? Männer, die sich in ihrer Männlichkeit bedroht fühlen, kaufen eher Geländewagen.
Scientists have noted since the 1950s that men who were insecure about their masculinity were more likely to be racist and authoritarian, though few sociologists have tested this by manipulating men's insecurities experimentally.

To investigate the effects of psychological emasculation, sociologist Robb Willer at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and colleagues gave 111 Cornell undergraduates a gender identity survey, and regardless of the answers, told half that they appeared extremely feminine and half that they seemed terribly masculine. The researchers then surveyed students' attitudes towards politics, homosexuality, and car purchases. Males who were told they were effeminate were more likely to support the Iraq war, Bush's handling of the war, and a ban on gay marriage. Threatened men also expressed greater interest in buying an SUV, and they were willing to pay up to $7,000 more for the vehicle than their nonthreatened peers. Quelle
Frauen waren dagegen nicht so leicht zu beeindrucken. Zwischen den Antworten der von den Forschern als besonders weiblich und besonders männlich bezeichneten Frauen gab es keine Unterschiede.



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