31 January 2007

BWAHAHA oder Ein schönes Beispiel für "Delusion"

Das habe ich gerade gefunden und kann es Euch nicht vorenthalten.
Critics of Intelligent Design often present the same few objections to our theory: They claim that we do not yet offer a testable theory, and that we avoid peer-review of our discoveries because we have something to hide.
Welche "discoveries"? Soviel ich weiß, vermutet keiner, dass IDler irgendwas zu verbergen haben. Die allgemeine Meinung ist, dass sie nichts veröffentlichen, weil sie keine Forschung betreiben und deshalb nichts zum Veröffentlichen haben.
Those of us who have spent hard years grappling with the finer points of Intelligent Design know that nothing could be further from the truth: There is no group I know who work harder to attempt to explain these difficult scientific topics than ourselves. We engage with all levels of society, and our findings are plainly true to anybody with an open mind. More importantly we are on the verge of some of the most important scientific discoveries in the entire history of science which could yield benefits to the whole of mankind were it not for a conspiracy of Darwinists who will stop at nothing to preserve the reputation of their absurd science.
BWHAHAHAHA! Normalerweise finde ich diese Kürzel ja albern, aber hierzu:
Die weltweite "Darwinisten-Verschwörung" verhindert die Veröffentlichung der bahnbrechenden IDioten-Forschung, KLAR!
But what of the claim that our theories have not been tested and that we have not published peer-reviewed papers. It is initially quite astonishing that something as obvious as intelligent design should even need testing. Do we test the idea that the sun will rise in the morning? It's just not needed because we can be certain that it will.
Nonetheless, the skeptical biological community demands that our theories be tested -- and so in due time I predict that it will be one of the most rigorously tested theories known to man.
Ich wiederhole mich, aber: BWAHAHAHA!
Die "Theorie" ist so offensichtlich wahr, dass sie nicht getestet werden braucht. Aber sie hat schon die Menschheit rettende Ergebnisse hervorgebracht.
Und eine der "most rigorously tested theories known to man" ist die Evolutionstheorie. Sollen die IDler mal in 150 Jahren wiederkommen...
I'd like to introduce one of the scientists who will ensure that it is so. He is building on the work of Behe and Dembski. He is also one of the best communicators that the ID community could ever wish for. I would like to introduce Dr. Kazmer Ujavorsy, chief scientist of the Frontline Science Institute, one of the most prestigious research organizations dedicated to Intelligent Design.
... mit einem ungalublichen Output von 0 wissenschaftlichen Artikeln seit Bestehen...
While mainstream science predicts that we would not be able to make testable claims about ID, Kazmer has done exactly that. His astonishing predictions unify areas of science which were previously considered unrelated. He may be, in the opinion of many ID researchers, at the verge of discovering a "theory of everything", one of the goals of high-energy physics. This is a challenge which even Einstein and Hawking have failed.
...und die Antwort ist 42...
But let's examine some of his discoveries -- these extracts from a recent peer-reviewed paper published at the American Chronicle show the depth and breadth of his important research:
Von der Website von American Chronicle ("About"):
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Peer-Reviewed, genau...
"Dark energy, that drives the expansion of the universe, is one of the deepest and most exciting puzzles in modern science. We posit that dark energy is the field manifestation of the parent seed of the universe, just as the cosmic vacuum's zero-point energy. They all originate from the cosmic seed's biophoton emissions, which blackbody radiation provides a holographic biofield for the generation of the physical universe. Based on the fact that the biophotonic radiation emitted by DNA is coherent, we predict that the cosmic seed's biophotonic field or "dark energy" is equally coherent."

"The elusive Higgs boson -- so vital to the Standard Model of particle physics that it is dubbed "the God particle" -- is identical with the genotype of the phenotype universe, and each human genome is its reproduction. Based on this identification we posit that mass-giving is life-giving because the elementary particles that come into contact with the cosmic seed's biofield or quantum vacuum receive their mass and property as a result of that interaction. "
Ein kompletter Irrer...
Both of these are 100% testable scientific statements. For example, to falsify we merely have to observe a Higgs boson to see if it has the expected properties. What could be simpler?
Wie überprüft man den Genotyp eines hypothetischen Elementarteilchens, eines Higgs bosons? Vor allem, da Higgs bosons etwas grundlegendes zu einem Genotyp fehlt, nämlich ein *Genom*.
If Kazmer were still laboring under the shackles of materialism would any of this have been possible? Of course not -- these are the kinds of discoveries that can only come about when we first reject the rigid dogma of the philosophy behind atheism and Darwinism's only life-support.
Wäre Kazmer noch im Besitz seiner geistigen Gesundheit, wäre das auch unmöglich...
Aber das Beste kommt noch!
Perhaps the most telling illustration of the benefits of a pragmatic approach to science can be seen in Ujavorsy's validation of Dembski's explanation of how an unembodied designer can influence the natural world by co-opting random processes (indeterministic quantum states) and inducing them to produce specified complexity. This is of ultimate importance, because it may explain the process by which other previously inexplicable historical phenomena occurred.

For example, how was Elijah able to read the mind of the king of Syria, and tell the king of Israel the words Syria's king spoke in the privacy of his bedchamber (see 2 Kings 6:8-23) -- the same mechanisms that power quantum-creation may also enable this kind of telepathy.
Quantum-creation, meine Güte. Und Telepathie. Diese IDler sind uns *meilenweit* voraus.
These are exciting times for true scientists like us. Intelligent Design is the tiny-seed from which will grow an enormous tree of science, one which I am certain will soon prosper and provide benefits to every living soul.
Wer's glaubt.


P.S.: Mal ehrlich, wie ist das möglich? Wie kann man so verblendet sein, dass man ernsthaft, *wirklich* ernsthaft, so einen Artikel schreibt und das auch noch glaubt?

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Wo bleiben eigentlich die tollen Technologien, die auf ne bahnbrechenden Ergbenissen der ID-Forshcung beruhen?

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Die gibt es doch schon: ID macht aus jedem, der sich dazu "bekennt", umgehend einen IDioten :>



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warum machst du nicht weiter? cooler blog! hab auch einen: psychosisexplained.blogspot.com....ist chaotisch aber befasst sich auch mit der welt und was alles under the sun passiert...danke übrigens fürs posten war interessant

lg, pat