16 August 2008

Die wirklich wichtigen Fragen.

Das Religion im amerikanischen Wahlkampf eine große Rolle spielt, ist nichts Neues, aber das überrascht mich dann doch:

It is a sign of how seriously Americans take religion that the first general-election meeting between Barack Obama and John McCain will take place not in a university auditorium, with network news anchors as moderators, but in the sanctuary of an Evangelical megachurch with a Southern Baptist pastor playing the role of interrogator. For two hours on Saturday evening, the two presumptive presidential nominees will field questions on policy issues, character and faith (consecutively, not debating each other) from Rick Warren at his Saddleback Church in Orange County, Calif.
[Quelle: Time/CNN; hier noch ein weiterer Beitrag dazu]

Oder eigentlich deprimiert es mich nur.


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